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Proof Goal.com is idiotic!

I had highlighted earlier how Daily Mail thought Henry played for Real Madrid and now I have Goal.com as an example of how some text needs to be rechecked before it goes live. Goal.com as it is is awful when it comes to reporting Real Madrid news and most of what they report is just [...]

Messi to Real Madrid for £120 million says Daily Mirror

Yeah just like you, am baffled (and amused!) to see the headline too. How can Daily Mirror be so ridiculously dumb to even consider for one second that Florentino Perez would want to make an offer that would make Juan Laporta laugh in his chair and keep it for his daily pleasure? Yeah that’s how [...]

Xabi important life events took place on a Wednesday

This is my little observation about Xabi Alosno, just a silly fact which might not have been noticed by Madridista or even other football fans. He was born on Wednesday, he debuted in the national team on a Wednesday, Champions League final in Istanbul was on a Wednesday when he played for Liverpool, and in [...]