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Esteban Granero - Pedro Leon all over again

Esteban Granero has played roughly 5 minutes this season in his two substitute appearances in La Liga. He’s currently sidelined due to an injury thereby missing out from being named in the squad for the last two games. We had the instance of Pedro Leon being treated unfairly in not being included in the squad [...]

Real Madrid team of the year 2010

As the year comes to an end, it is time for many lists to be created which usually start with “TOP 10 ….” or “Best of ….” or “… of the year!”. Well, am going with the tradition and have created my own Team of the year 2010. So without further ado, let’s get to [...]

Adan and Sarabia leave impact in win over Auxerre

Adan, Morata and Sarabia were called into the squad for the dead game against Auxerre in mid week. Adan and Sarabia were lucky to get the chance to showcase their talent while sadly, Morata had to stay on the bench. Adan Adan came on in the late stages of the first half with Dudek going [...]

Real Madrid players receive Audi’s

After Real Madrid posted a 2-0 win over Atletico Madrid on Sunday night, the players were treated to expensive Audi Cars. In attendance were the players who accepted the car keys from the children of the members of the club along with President Florentino Perez. The cars were stationed inside the stadiums lawns and the [...]

Video: Enzo and Zinedine Zidane!

Enzo Zidane (son of Zinedine Zidane) is a young and upcoming prospect for our club. At a tender age of 15 he is brilliant with the ball and can already have videos of his show boating. Ironically, most of them are things his dad used to do. This marvellous video shows the brilliance of the [...]