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Are you a Madridista? Speak up

One thing that I LOVE about the Know Thy Madridista section is the voice that it gives us Madridistas across the globe. Isn’t that what’s this place all about after all? To expand this community forward, how about giving you guys the option to share and say what you feel like as Madridistas? You can [...]

Looking for a guest contributor

The Real Madrid Fan! is looking for a guest contributor to take over the role of gossip section of this blog since am pretty awful at it and have no sense of what goes on and where to get the information from. It would include all newspaper gossip, magazine stuff, player relationships etc. etc. So, [...]

Information : Good and Bad News

I have some good news and bad news as we enter the final days of the year. First lets go with the good news : 1. The Real Madrid Fan! has moved to an improved server in terms of speed and down time protection so hopefully (fingers crossed) there won’t be any downtime issues like there [...]