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Real Madrid players receive Audi’s

After Real Madrid posted a 2-0 win over Atletico Madrid on Sunday night, the players were treated to expensive Audi Cars. In attendance were the players who accepted the car keys from the children of the members of the club along with President Florentino Perez. The cars were stationed inside the stadiums lawns and the [...]

Pictures : Real Madrid v AC Milan

These pictures were meant to be posted a few weeks back but due to technical issue and glitches I wasn’t able to. Well better late than never,eh? These were captured by fellow Madridista - Saviola87 who was very kind to provide me with the pictures. Hope you all like them! (She also has pictures on [...]

Daily Mail thinks Henry played for Real Madrid!

Usually ESPN Soccernet is filled with errors of many forms; grammar, spelling, repetition and most annoyingly factual errors. I encountered one factual error in UK based Daily Mail’s online version which puts Thiery Henry as a “former Arsenal and Real Madrid player”.. See the screenshot below for yourself. I usually don’t like newspaper bashing but [...]

Angel Di Maria is Real Madrid’s first signing of the summer

..or so says Wikipedia! As per the Wikipedia page located here, he has signed for Real Madrid already. It goes on to say that Los Blancos would pay €34.5 million euros for the Argentine who plays/played for Portuguese club, Benefica.

In the center of blondes

Do you notice something missing from Gonzalo ‘Pipita’ Higuain, No? I do, it’s A GOALS.  Amazing goals which are synonymous with strikers and especially with Higuain who has been exceptional this season. Except in the last three games. A striker who was always craving for goals seem to be losing his magical touch of goals; [...]