Know Thy Madridista

Fans make a very important part of a football club. They get behind the players in good times and in bad to get them going no matter what. An 80,000 seater stadium thronged by fantastic Madridistas who clearly are the 12th man every team would love to have!

Every week (hopefully) I would talk to one Madridista that I know from Twitter or Facebook or anywhere else. Want to be part of thick of things? Get in contact then!

Adam Bader

Saajid Vawda


Elisa Uranga

Jose Miguel Urrutia

Aliyu Dahiru

Kaushik Lakshman

Kay Murray

Andrew Vincent

Noufel Harris

Bassam Dgheim

Alice Complex






Rahul Chaudhary


Jose Antonio

Jose Antonio Hidalgo


Matt Traverso

Corey Fiske

Anna Calderon


Archit Navandar

Edgardo Guerrero

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  1. my name is asare-akoto,am from 26years old,
    Have loved madrid ever since i was in midle school and the prayer's i loved best by then was mojatovic and a madridster and will be madridster for live.i belive real madrid is for the real men.i love madrid and every thing about madrid.

  2. madrid 4 life

  3. I am a diehard madrid for ever .hala madrid


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