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Casillas makes cameo appearance in a movie

Iker Casillas besides being a fantastic goalkeeper is also trying his hand at being an actor (some footballers do that on the pitch as well :p) . He made a cameo appearance in Spanish comedy “En Fuera de juego” (Google translate says it means – Offside) . In the scene he is seen with the

Real Madrid players receive Audi’s

After Real Madrid posted a 2-0 win over Atletico Madrid on Sunday night, the players were treated to expensive Audi Cars. In attendance were the players who accepted the car keys from the children of the members of the club along with President Florentino Perez. The cars were stationed inside the stadiums lawns and the

Pictures : Real Madrid v AC Milan

These pictures were meant to be posted a few weeks back but due to technical issue and glitches I wasn't able to. Well better late than never,eh? These were captured by fellow Madridista - Saviola87 who was very kind to provide me with the pictures. Hope you all like them! (She also has pictures on

Proof Goal.com is idiotic!

I had highlighted earlier how Daily Mail thought Henry played for Real Madrid and now I have Goal.com as an example of how some text needs to be rechecked before it goes live. Goal.com as it is is awful when it comes to reporting Real Madrid news and most of what they report is just

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