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The Real Madrid Fan is a blog wholly meant for Madridistas (Real Madrid fans) throughout the world. Aim of this blog is to cover as much possible about The Whites/Los Blancos/Los Merengues/Los Galacticos with game stories, off the pitch gossip, videos and pretty much anything possible.

I, Tanuj Lakhina, handle the technical nitty gritty, match analysis, previews and videos which go up on the blog. Currently studying Sports Journalism in Sheffield UK and hope to visit Bernabeu one day and watch a game live in the Estadio Santiago Bernabeu. :)

If you want to be part of the team too, do send an E-mail to tanuj[at]therealmadridfan.com .

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  1. hey!
    saw your website, its great!
    so keep up the good work!
    the interviews were fab too! Though itd be really interesting if you held interviews for special fanpages dedicated to madridistas. What do you think? Im sure itd be interesting :D

  2. Hey! Thanks for the comment :)

    Great idea. Any fan pages you could recommend? :)

  3. Okay Im not sure if you got my comment, because my internet is kinda screwed up, and I know you've got comment moderation enabled, but then i cant be sure if my comment was posted, because as I said, my internet is screwed up
    famous fanpages for madridistas are:
    Cristiano: @CRonaldoTeam / @OhMyCristiano
    SergioRamos: @siempreramos
    Xabi Alonso: @Alonso14_FANS
    Higuain: @Higuain20fans
    Ozil: @FCLMesutOezil
    Arbeloa: @Aarbeloafans
    Marcelo: @Fans_Marcelo12
    I cant decide who for Kaka, theyre so many! So its up to you :P

  4. Aah thats a fine list! Will make sure to have them in my list for future reference. Thanks :)

  5. Love it !

  6. This website is awesome! If you ever need any help with things like transfer rumors or stuff like that, I read everything possible every day to make sure I know all of the rumors surrounding Los Blancos! Either way, I am honored to have been mentioned on this site and look forward to coming here for news every day! You guys do a great job! Also, I can relate to Renata, as I have a big-time man-crush on Pique, yet love all things Real Madrid and hate all things Barca! Why can't he be a Galacticos, DAMMIT!!!!


  7. Thanks for the appreciation Matt! :)

    Would surely ask for help when AS and Marca fail me ;) Cheers!

    Was a great comment and that's why it's here :)

  8. Bravo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the madristas are very supered for demolition osasuna by 7-1 keep it up.

  9. l congratulate the players and the entire management of real madrid for their splendid performance against Dinamo.

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