Cristiano Ronaldo delivered a polite little ‘leave me alone’ to various people for intruding in his life and trying to harm his image.

In a video posted, Cristiano says:

Hi Fans! This message is for you. Well guys thank you for your support this year. This year was tough but you were always there and showed your loyalty. I am here, I am relaxing and my kid (Cristiano Jr.) is behind me in the pool. But it’s come in my mind to do this video, don’t know why, don’t ask me why. You know I never speak about the press, I never speak about my private life but I want this opportunity to say that the press for the past few weeks has been trying to talk trash about me. That I have new girlfriends day by day and I do this and do that, just leave me alone. Let me do my work properly, that I do every year. Don’t try to damage my image because it’s not going to happen. So, this message is for you guys, we stick together, day by day, month by month and year by year. Thank you guys.

You can also see the video below:

This video comes in the light of many images being circulated of him during the vacation with friends, at clubs, and bizarrely photographed peeing in a public area.