Real Madrid released an official statement regarding the botched David De Gea transfer with multiple reports claiming Manchester United had registered the deal before time with FIFA TMS but Real Madrid failed to register the player with the Spanish league in time. The league states they didn’t receive the paperwork before 0:28 AM (28 minutes past the deadline), while some say they didn’t get the paper work at all. Anyway, the official statement reads:

After yesterday’s events in relation to the transfer of David De Gea, Real Madrid wishes to state the following:

  1. Manchester United did not open negotiations for the player until yesterday morning.
  2. Despite it being the last day and the complications for the transfer, Real Madrid started communications and work on the transfer.
  3. The negotiations involved reached a stage that the British club wanted to include Keylor Navas as part of the deal.
  4. Real Madrid and Manchester United reached a quick agreement for the transfer of both the players. After drafting of the relevant contracts and to proceed with the FIFA TMS system, Real Madrid sent the contract to Manchester United at 1.39 PM local time.
  5. Manchester United replied to the contract after eight hours with small changes. The changes were received at 9.43 PM Spanish time. Real Madrid quickly agreed to the changes with the intention to leave time for FIFA TMS and Spanish league to accept the registration.
  6. Real Madrid on getting the signatures of both De Gea and Navas, sent the documents to Manchester United at 11:32 PM Spanish time.
  7. Manchester United reached an agreement with Navas at 11:53 PM Spanish time.
  8. Manchester United entered the information on the FIFA TMS for the transfer of David De Gea and not of Keylor Navas at 00:00 Spanish time. When Real Madrid tried to access the FIFA TMS at 00:02, it was already closed.
  9. At 00:26, the FIFA TMS system invited Real Madrid to enter information for the transfer of David De Gea as the transfer window was still open in England. Real Madrid, faced with a litigious outcome decided to send the contracts to LFP despite knowing the transfer deadline had expired.
  10. In the end, Real Madrid did everything necessary, at every moment, to make these two transfers happen.

Surely this won’t be the end of the matter because there is a strong possibility that there will be a rebuttal from Manchester United.