Real Madrid board on Monday decided to sack Carlo Ancelotti as manager - exactly a year and a day after guiding the club to la Decima.



Speaking after a board meeting, club president Florentino Perez announced before a packed room. The decision quite easily didn’t find support from the fans and echoed his mistake of sacking Vicente Del Bosque in 2003 when the Spaniard had guided the team to a league title. Speaking on Monday, Perez said:

My appearance will be brief. The board has decided to relieve Carlo Ancelotti as manager. It has been a very difficult decision. For the entire board. But we’re not here at the club to make easy decisions. At Real Madrid, there are high expectations and we must bring new energy. By next week we will have the name of the new manager.

Perez took few questions from the press and provided a rather absurd reason for their decision to end Ancelotti’s tenure with the club despite a contract running until 30 June, 2016. Questions and answers below:

(Relations with Ancelotti?) Ancelotti has earned my affection and that of the fans and formed part of the club’s history because we won la Decima with him. But here the expectations are high and we need a new energy.

(Future?) We have a strong team and we will go back to bringing satisfaction and joy to our fans.

I would like to thank Carlo for his work and his love.

(When was the decision taken?) In the past week. I spoke with him and he’s a gentleman and he understood. He’s had good relations with everyone. One thing is a personal matter and other professional.

(Are the captains informed?) No we’ve just come out with the decision. There will be a chance to talk to them.

(The decision?) We’ve analysed everything. We’re convinced that we need a new energy and we have the responsibility to provide that.

(Cristiano’s support for Ancelotti) The players have expressed their affection for him, it is the same that I have and so do the fans. No it hasn’t affected me and it seems correct what the footballers have said. It’s a gesture of affection.

(What went wrong?) I will not go into details. It is not appropriate. I will dedicate my time to other issues.

(Errors by Ancelotti?) Well, I don’t know. After two years, the demand at this club is such that it deserves a new energy to reach our highest level of competitiveness. And that is what we seek.

(Corrections to Ancelotti?) I’ve had a good relationship but I’ve never told anyone to use a certain player much less talked about technical issues.

(Did Ancelotti make a mistake?) There is never one. The position of a manager deteriorates. (Jose) Mourinho spent three years. It’s said that there have been many managers at Real Madrid but look at Barcelona, Atletico Madrid, Bayern Munich, Juventus….

He also stated that it would be useful if the next manager spoke Spanish thus increasing odds for Rafa Benitez and reducing that of Jurgen Klopp.