VIDEO: La Decima - The Story

Real Madrid Vs Atletico Madrid
Real Madrid made history on 24th May 2014 in Lisbon by winning the much hoped for and the much elusive 'The Tenth' or 'La Decima' as it is called in Spanish. Beating city-rivals Atletico Madrid made it all the more glorious and all the more joy-filled. It was a game of plenty of emotional ups and downs but thankfully, in the end, Los Blancos prevailed.

This following video (please watch it in 1080p) by Dave Pictures tells the story of how much it meant to the club, the fans and to the players. A perfect balance of music, video footage and quotes it would be difficult to not make you get goosebumps or even shed a tear!

So, to end it all, Hala Madrid y nada mas!


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