After Toni Kroos’ signing was made official this morning, he was unveiled as a player at 5PM at the Royal Box of Bernabeu. He signed a six year contract with the club and will wear the number 8.

Speaking to the media, he said:

Real Madrid is the best club there is and it is a step more than Bayern. I didn’t need more options. This club is fantastic and it’s a great challenge to win titles here. They tried hard to get me and I was very impressed. We were in agreement immediately and I’m delighted to be here.

From beginning it was obvious I was going to leave Bayern, and I wanted to go to Real Madrid, no other team. I’ve been at Bayern for a long time and won everything so I thought it would be good to move to a new direction. There were no problems with Pep, we had a very good relationship. It was a good way of playing. Everyone accepted it and was very happy for me.

(on communication with Carlo Ancelotti and the coaching staff) I was here briefly. I talked a bit to the manager, but I won’t tell you what we said because that’s between us. I’ll never say what the coach tells me.

(looking ahead to his debut) I imagine it will be something very beautiful. For all the teams that come here this stadium will be very difficult and I already experienced the atmosphere in this stadium with Bayern. In fact, last season we lost. I’m really going to enjoy it here.

(preferred position on the pitch) In the last few years I’ve played in many positions, it doesn’t matter, I will play wherever. I play well in every position and feel comfortable in all of them. I’m convinced that I can work here too. I like how demanding this club is. It’s always been like this, I’ve always had to win titles, it was the same at Bayern and it’s the same here and that will motivate me every day. We have the chance of doing it because this club is very successful.

(whether he took advice from Sami Khedira, his Germany teammate) I spoke to Sami about the club. Everything he said was positive. He reassured me it was a good decision. What happens in the future, that’s not for me to say, that’s for Real Madrid and Sami.

(Xabi Alonso sanctioned by UEFA so misses the Super Cup) I heard that he had been sanctioned. I’ll start on the 5th of August and only have one week of training. The coach will decide from day to day if I can play in the final of the European Super Cup. I can’t say anything today.

(on James Rodriguez, another player close to Real Madrid) It’s none of my business if he is a Real Madrid player in the future or not. He is a very good player and he caught my eye because he played very well at the World Cup.

(Messi winning the Golden Ball in Brazil) It wasn’t important for us as a team, at all. We won the World Cup, and were champions as a team. Personal recognition is useless compared to world champions.

(on the criticism of their dance during celebrations in Berlin) I heard that. We can just say that it wasn’t against anyone or bad intentions, we just got back and celebrated. I have no problems with that. It’s ridiculous to try and make something out of it.

(knowledge of Spanish) In Mallorca they speak German and I’ve got to the point where I can say Buenas Tardes (Good evening) and Hala Madrid!

(semi-final against Real Madrid) My decision has nothing to do with that.

(Why leave Bayern?) I spent a lot of time and won everything. It was time for me to leave and I had the opportunity to go to Real Madrid, a team at the highest level.

(When did you find out about interest from Madrid?) The contact was made long back, but I did not want to distract myself because the World Cup was ahead of us.

(What did his Bayern teammates make of the move?) In Munich I had a great time and they all complimented me because it was a personal decision. They were pleased for me.

(Joachim Lowe, Germany manager) I spoke to him about my departure and he was happy for me.

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