In an open letter published on Real Madrid website addressed to the fans, Brazilian Casemiro thanked the fans for their support and looked back at a memorable time in Madrid upon his loan deal to Porto.

Dear Madridistas,

I am starting a new campaign away from my a place that I have felt for as my home and feel that it is for life.

When I left Sao Paulo to come to Real Madrid Castilla, I understood the significance of wearing the badge of Real Madrid on my chest and that it would change my life. And so it has been.

I have lived through unforgettable and historic moments such as La Decima, the long-awaited Decima… An exciting Copa del Rey… And of course, my unforgettable debut with the first team in an official game as a youngster from the cantera…

I have felt the love and support of the president, the board of directors, my teammates, all the managers and coaching staff members with whom I’ve been, all the works at this home and of course the wonderful fans. All of these have made me feel the values of Madridismo, values that will go with me forever in my professional career and my life in general.

I am going to another big European club in Porto, where I again felt the love and support of all the people. There I will try to improve with the assurance that I will do my best, and for everyone who has loved me, supported me and respected me when I defended the shirt of Real Madrid, you will feel proud of me.

Thank you everyone for showing me your love and your sincere affection. You will always be in my heart.

Hala Madrid!