Ancelotti: Cristiano is in top condition


Carlo Ancelotti addressed the media before the third game of the season against Atletico Madrid at the Bernabeu. He spoke about Cristiano Ronaldo's fitness, Iker Casillas's confidence and the different style of both teams.

On the game: I do not think we need to change our idea of the game. We have to play well again, with intensity, as we usually do.

On the 4-2 loss to Real Sociedad at Anoeta: We should not forget it as it was a good lesson. The first 30 minutes were very good, but you have to play for 90 minutes. It is necessary to avoid the mistakes we made in Anoeta - individually and collectively. Against Atletico must avoid the mistakes we made in Anoeta. Analyzing what happened, we all understood what we must change for tomorrow

On Atletico Madrid's style: Atletico is not a violent team. They're intense and aggressive. Football is a sport for men and not for little girls.

On Real Madrid's style: The style and philosophy will not change No change because this style and philosophy has given us very good results. Each team has its own style based on the players you have. The best thing for us is to impose our style. We will try to play the game the way we want, that will be the key. Last year we played 4-4-2 when playing defensively and now will be the same. When with the ball, keeping the same system.

On Cristiano Ronaldo: Cristiano is in optimum physical condition. He has no problem, has trained very well. He doesn't have chronic injury. Last season he had a different injury and now another. It's nothing chronic. Cristiano is playing well, when not tired he has problems. Last year I don't believe he played too many games, played matches where he did not risk injury. In the end he had problems, but nothing more.

On Iker Casillas: I think Casillas never lost confidence. We must congratulate him because he celebrates 15 years with the club, we're going to want the best for him and for Madrid. He always has our confidence.

On James Rodriguez: He is training to get used to playing a bit different. It is not going to change much. It is clear that a new player needs time to adjust. I'm happy with what he's done so far and it is normal at first to settle in.

Simeone says Atletico Madrid is the team of the people: I think football is the people, not just for one team. All teams have fans all over the world. I think it's the sport of the people.

Which team rules capital of Spain? I ​​do not care which team rules in the capital right now. What matters is who wins at the end of the season. During the last season, Atletico Madrid ruled in La Liga and Real Madrid in Europe.

On Chicharito:  We are very pleased with Chicharito. He will not start tomorrow, but will be useful during the game.

On the starting XI: I will not say the lineup because I have some doubts. I do not think it will change the way we think about game. We have to take this game to return to play well, with intensity.

Chicharito vs Benzema: Chicharito is a different player than Karim. Benzema has great skills in the game, helps in the middle, looks for balls between the lines. Chicharito is deeper, very good to break the opposing defensive line.

On himself: I'm working for the best and the biggest club in the world. I am very lucky and there is no pressure, only happiness.

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