Real Madrid will start with Iker Casillas in-goal and new signings Toni Kroos and James Rodriguez further ahead in the UEFA Super Cup against Sevilla tomorrow at Cardiff Stadium. He also confirmed Cristiano Ronaldo has fully recovered from his injury, contrary to speculation in the media.

Iker Casillas also by his side as was Gareth Bale. Expectedly Casillas was the centre of the attention owing to his worrying drop in form, something which Ancelotti admitted isn’t something that is worrying. Local boy Bale admitted winning the trophy mattered more than anything else and he was happy to have the pre-season under his belt this time.

Iker Casillas: I’m not at my top level

A self criticizing Casillas admitted he’s not at his top level that people are used to seeing from him but he also said that this is not his worst moment of the career either which raised quite a few eyebrows.

“I do not think this is the worst moment of my career. Sometimes with many games you have good moments and sometimes bad. All is temporary.”

“Maybe I’m not at the highest level people are used to seeing, but these things happen in games. I admit I’ve not been at my best in recent games for Real Madrid and for Spain, but I’ve had worse moments in my sporting career and have turned them around into something good.”

“When you play for Real Madrid and your name is called for so long, you have good and bad situations. Fortunately in my career there have been good moments. Being at Real Madrid you have to cope with it and face it. The things can go right or wrong, but I’ve always done my job and I will not hide. It should not all focus on me alone.”

“No I don’t think I’ve been mistreated. I understand that after so much time at Real Madrid these things are looked at. But on the contrary, they’ve treated me well and I have no complaints. I will do what I do each year - work harder than previous year and try to win a spot in the starting XI.”

“This season begins with the challenge of winning again after enjoying last season. The reality is that we have an obligation to win, no one can live on what we did a few months ago and tomorrow we have to win the title to have a moral victory going into another of the same - Spanish Super Cup.”

“When new players come in, there is always something different. If we start with the team along with the team that won the Copa del Rey and UEFA Champions League then all is well. Now they will work with the team, but with these players it would be easy to do so.”

Ancelotti: James and Kroos will start tomorrow

“The team is good. It’s true that the players who arrived on the 5th of August haven’t had much time but the training this week has been good. I believe that the team is ready to play this game at a good level.”

“Cristiano has worked at the highest intensity. The problem from the previous season is completely forgotten and I think he’s ready to start the season well.”

“Angel Di Maria has trained for this game and the topic of his transfer doesn’t enter the locker room. When Di Maria arrived at Valdebebas, he arrived to train well. We have to wait for 31st of August (when transfer window closes)”

“I am very happy to be at this club where you have to always win. The logic at a club as big as Real Madrid is an honour to work here. There is no pressure to win this title, I have an excellent squad and I know the club has made an effort to improve the squad. We want to repeat what we achieved last year.”

“Sami Khedira is a Real Madrid player. He has a contract and he’s our player.”

“I don’t know what will happen for the goalkeeping spot and I won’t tell (laughs). Tomorrow Iker will play, he deserves to play for his good season in the Champions League. I think Iker had a great season in the Champions League last season. Everyone in the world makes errors in football, errors in football is normal. We have to learn from those mistakes. The confidence in him is complete.”

“It was a good season for Gareth Bale. It takes a toll physically to not play pre-season. Now he’s had a perfect pre-season and is in optimum condition. He will have a better season. Maybe he would start from the bench. (laughs)”

“James Rodriguez is very good. I am very happy with the signing, the quality of the squad has improved and tomorrow he will be in the starting XI. James can play in whatever position, on the flanks as he’s accustomed to it. Behind the strikers as Colombia play or as an attacking midfielder. We’ll have to try.”

“Gareth Bale is one of the best in the world and has the chance to win the Balon d’Or, although these awards do not interest me. I want to help the team, we finished the last season strongly and I want us to start strongly. There are many who can win this title, Ramos or Cristiano, both were great.”

“I spoke to Diego Lopez and wished him good luck for the future. I have been very fond of Milan and he will be fine.”

“As an individual, Kroos will help us, have a lot of tactical skills and position on the pitch. But also help us in the way we worked last year. Tomorrow it will be a difficult game. Last year Sevilla hurt us and we have prepared very well for this game. Quality is important but need to struggle and win. If we understand that, it can be a very positive season for Real Madrid.”

“Sevilla will have the same intensity as last year. They’ve changed the midfield but the attitude is the same.”

“Kroos and James will start, yes both.”

“Tomorrow is a final, start of the season and important to start the season on a right foot. The highlight will be when the Champions League starts.”

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