OFFICIAL: Jose Callejon joins Napoli


Jose Callejon has joined Italian side Napoli for a reported fee of €10 million where he is believed to earn  €3.5 million a year and sign a five year contract.

He was in Naples today and will undergo a medical tomorrow, Napoli's website has confirmed.

UPDATE: Jose Callejon released a goodbye statement on the Real Madrid website. He said -

I want to send this message to all Madridistas through this communication. This is not a farewell message but one of thanks and until forever.

Thanks to Real Madrid for everything they've done for me and will always mean a lot, because they've helped me a lot as a person and as a sportsperson.

Thank this great club and the fans for the understanding, support and love they've given me.

Also thank all sorts of media for their understanding and respect.

And especially to all the people who work for Real Madrid from the president, to the employees, to the technical staff till the people unknown to all and are always there.

Finally, note that I spent eight years of my life here which are unforgettable and for my part I put in all my effort and work to return to Real Madrid, something that has given me a lot.

For everything, thanks a lot.


To be fair, it is a smart move for both Callejon and Real Madrid. Callejon is a good player and a hard worker but he was always going to be surplus to requirements. He would be joining a good team in Napoli with newly installed Rafa Benitez at the helm. Whenever he played for the club, he gave it his all. His form saw a dip last season which also saw him playing lesser than year before.

He had joined Real Madrid from Espanyol in 2011/12 for €5 million.

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  1. Bienvenido Calletì, Napoli ya te ama. Ciao, Fausto

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