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Opens the bunker: After Casillas…Cristiano

(in pic: Cristiano) “I will give it all for this shirt”

“Life is not going to end if I do not win the Balon de Oro. It’s not going to affect me”

“I don’t want to talk more on my renewal. It is not the most important thing right now”

PEPE: Operated on ankle, out for a month








Another CR7, Another Madrid

Unblemished appearance of Cristiano after that of captain Casillas

Iker on Tuesday and Portuguese ‘crack’ yesterday recover the image of the Blancos

Wish? “I feel good, I like it”

Renewal? “It’s not the most important”

Balon de Oro: “I would like to win, but.. life will continue”

Mourinho: “I think he will stay but everyone chooses their future”

Casillas: “He’s very well. His benching was a technical decision and we must respect that”

Pepe, one month out

Had surgery yesterday for an injury to his right ankle

Madrid sanction Coentrao for skipping first training


Mundo Deportivo



Pepe out for 5 weeks

Was operated on right ankle in Portugal

Cristiano does not risk with (topic of) renewal










The more natural version of the ‘crack’ of Real Madrid


Wants the Balon de Oro although thinks he won’t win. Shuns from commenting on his renewal