Luka Modric: “TV3′s video is not journalism”


It was Luka Modric's turn to face the media before the game against Sevilla in La Liga. The game comes on the back of a 1-0 loss to Granada and then international fixtures causing disturbances. Thankfully, none of Real Madrid players picked up injuries with their respective injuries.

However, Xabi Alonso, Raphael Varane and Nacho Fernandez did not train on the pitch today. Xabi and Varane had pulled out from travelling with Spain and France due to their injuries.

Modric's quotes and comments from the press conference-

I do not know what to say about this video from TV3. I have played in England and Croatia and have never seen anything like that. We have not talked about it inside the locker room because it is difficult to speak of such a thing. It is not journalism, it is unacceptable. This way of doing videos and talk the way about Real Madrid is a bad example for children.

Surely Real Madrid has many players that Barca president would want to see in his club. But I don't know who he is referring to.

Against Granada we did not play our best, that's for sure. We want to give it our best in every game but sometimes we cannot achieve that.

I do not know the intention behind the video. That is not journalism, it is unacceptable. Do not walk to talk about it.

Our discussions with Cristiano are private. I think he wants to stay, he is happy here.

I'm not entirely happy with my performance. The complete squad and staff have shown a lot of patience with me. The Spanish league is very technical and physically demanding. I'm slowly getting used to it and trying to get better.

Sevilla are a very good team. They play very well and we have a lot of respect for them. We have to give our maximum in each game.

We are Real Madrid and we have to try to win every game. Starting tomorrow, we will show what we are capable of.

Real Madrid - Barcelona is the best game in the world. It is excellent. The fans will really enjoy it.

If the club and manager have requested for the game against FC Barcelona to be played at 4 PM, it is because the game more important is against Manchester United. We have to rest.

I have not had problems in adapting to the team, just physical. The signings and changes in the summer have affected and influenced my performance.


(Quotes via Jose, Primillo7 and Bernabeu Digital)

Video in question from TV3 compared a few Real Madrid players with Hyenas.

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  1. Now,now, we are getting offended by the truth…
    Maybe Michel Platini should get offended when this kind of behaviour its on the pitch . Ban them for 2,3 years and they will stop.
    Football not mix martial arts.

  2. Point isn't about the tackles or bad they are/were, point of disgust and offence is the video comparison with hyenas. Stupid to do it for any team and/or individual.

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