Real Madrid - Newspapers 9/4

Real Madrid news from front pages of sports dailies in Spain.


"Casillas is not training well but VERY well"

Mourinho calls four goalkeepers and plays blind

UEFA confirm one game for Burak, Ramos and Xabi Alonso

Pepe retired injured during training and the alternative is Albiol

Thank you, Raul!

Schalke offer a tribute to 'seven' on 27 July







Mou: "Iker is training not well but very well"

Modric, the leader, and a pair of pivots to stop Drogba: Varane and Albiol

DEAFENING : Madrid's Cristiano wants to silence the most noisiest fans in the world









Mourinho: "My future does not depend on this Champions League"









[Covers via Sphera Channel]

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