Real Madrid - Newspapers 3/7

Real Madrid news from front pages of dailies in Spain.



The AntiMadridismo continues to grow

The data worsens regarding perception of Madrid as compared to two seasons ago

Between the favourites - 34% for Real Madrid, 41% for Barcelona. Between the most disliked - 55% for Real Madrid, 40% for Barcelona.

In consultation with last two seasons on the pitches of Primera and Segunda Division

Decisive goal by Jese in the 91st minute. Mexico scored first and also scored Madridista Derik for the tie in the 74th minute

Bale makes his first gesture - "Prefer Spanish football over others. I like La Liga"






The future is already here

ISCO - Madrid will present him today and the fans demand a change of selection

Ancelotti rejects the alleged incompatibility with Ozil and counts on both to form a dream partnership


Spain eliminate Mexico with a goal by Madridista in the final minute (Spain U20 2-1 Mexico U20)

Play on Saturday against Uruguay for a place in the semis

Bale in his exorbitant way distances away from Madrid

Fernando Verdasco (Spanish tennis player) - "Cristiano has supported me a lot and is an example"

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