Real Madrid - Newspapers 3/3

Real Madrid news from front pages of Sports dailies in Spain.


Madrid, the new reign

The entering of Cristiano shakes up the Clasico

Barca continue to be sick, but Perez Lasa denied a penalty which could have resulted in a draw










Launch an assault on Manchester

Madrid thrash Barca for second time in five days and with many benchwarmers

Cristiano stirred the Madrid play and the public at the Bernabeu: in half an hour had more shots than Barca in the complete game

Ramos decides the Clasico with another headed goal

The defeat worsens Barcelona's crisis and shows helplessness and lack of identity

Valdes loses his temper

The referee does not indicate a possible penalty in the 91st minute and goalkeeper goes mad saying "you have no shame"




Perez Lasa's incredible record: In 30 games, not even a single punishment for Madrid

The referee gulped a clear penalty in the final seconds and swindled the chance of a draw

Barca passed off in the first half but disappeared after the break

Penalty with its consequences: Valdes sees red and could be suspended for two games







The theft (penalty not given) does not justify the disaster










[Covers via Sphera Channel]

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