Real Madrid - Newspapers 2/7

Real Madrid news from front pages of dailies in Spain.


Mourinho is ahead of Madrid for Cavani

Fiery test for Jese and Deulofeu (Spain U20 v Mexico U20 today)











Ancelotti gives approval for midfielder of La Real

Illarra (Illarramendi) is a Blanco

His clause is of 30 million

Real Madrid have not forgotten Kondogbia or dream move of Gundogan

Marcelo: "Real Madrid is going to fight for all titles"






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  1. guys, 'el blanco es illarra' has a double meaning but the most accurate transation is 'the target is illarra'. The editor is playing with the word 'blanco' which means target, but also 'white'; 'whites' is the way we call the real madrid players because of the color of their jersey..

  2. Thanks for the clarification BamBam. Appreciate it :)

  3. you are welcome.. your translations are awesome by all means anyway. good luck with the website!

  4. Thanks for reading :)

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