Real Madrid - Newspapers 21/3

Real Madrid news from front pages of Sports dailies in Spain.


Ramos is the youngest player with 100 games for Spain

Busquets: "I will sign Sergio for Barca"

Ramos: "It is matter of pride to be a centurion"

"The Champions League is an objective but not a good obsession"

Hagi: "Galatasaray is like Madrid, good to sit back"







Khedira delivers for Germany

"We turned out to be a real team"

"We have ignored our weaknesses"

"Ozil can be one of the best in the world... if he listens to me and takes more shots"

"Mou is a great manager, a great person, he depends on me and he would stay"

De Gea:"Zamora is a legend, Iker is everything"

Centurion before anyone else: Ramos is the youngest player in Europe to reach 100 games

FIFA Gala: Suspicious vote: Pandev - "I had voted for Mou, strange things have happened here"





Mourinho: 15 days of fury

After eliminating United, has shot through the roof with his players, Barca and FIFA







[Covers via Sphera Channel]

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