Real Madrid news from front pages of sports dailies in Spain.




KLOPP: “We cannot just stop Cristiano. We must attack”

“Its an honour that Madrid speak of me, but next year I will continue in Borussia”

“I do not like being famous. It does not give me pleasure”










Carvajal: “Borussia does not have the Cristiano factor”

Canterano spells out the Los Blancos’ rival in the semis: “German team suffers when it does not have the ball”


Is the manager that most convinces Florentino as a substitute for Mou

People around Mourinho figure there is a 10-15% chance the Portuguese will continue

Has already agreed with the president that if he wins the Champions League he will (continue)

Klopp is the alternative choice though, he does not deny

Klopp: “Next year I will continue in Borussia”


[Covers via Sphera Channel]