Real Madrid: Newspapers 13/1

Real Madrid news from front pages of Sports dailies in Spain.



Without Cristiano, there is no paradise

Kaka came in in the 58th minute and saw two yellows in 17 minutes

The camera footage of Canal+ shows Callejon's goal was legal

Madrid had no football no goals no cause










That was the Madrid?

Blancos, caricatures against bottom team

Horrible match for those of Mou, unrecognisable as a team

Without Cristiano, only one shot on target

Absurd sending off for Kaka, wasn't even on the pitch for 20 minutes

La Liga is going to be everlasting: Today can go 18 points behind Barca

Mourinho must be kidding: "Some players had a great game"






Madrid, into the abyss

Forgets the league in Pamplona, where they did not play anything

Without Cristiano, without ideas, the team from bottom of league deserved the victory










How poor, Mou!

Without Cristiano, Madrid embarrassed and fails to punish team at the bottom

And today Barca can go +18







[All images courtesy Sphera Channel]


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