In a press conference a little while back, Real Madrid president Florentino Perez confirmed two things:

1. Real Madrid and Jose Mourinho would be parting ways at the end of the season after a mutual agreement was reached.

2. Elections for the post of the president would be held on 16 June, 2013. Candidates to be announced in a few days.

Despite having three seasons left on his contract, Mourinho will leave on 1 June after the season ends with no title won this year despite reaching the semi-finals of Champions League and finals of Copa del Rey.

Speaking on Jose Mourinho’s exit, the reasons for the decision and future plans were revealed through questions by the media.

After the board meeting just concluded I want to communicate two decisions. The first is that after discussions with our coach Jose Mourinho, we have come to the conclusion that it is the right time to terminate our relationship at the end of this season. I want , on behalf of the entire Board of Directors, to thank him for the work done by Jose Mourinho in the last three years, coach with whom we have taken a major leap competitively and sportingly and we wish him success in his new phase.

The reality is no one has dismissed anyone here. Reiterate that it was mutually agreed.

I want to clarify that we have not reached an agreement with any manager or have a pre-contract with anyone. This remains the work for upcoming days.

I think everyone in the world, especially when you’re at Real Madrid, it is not a happy moment to leave. But after three years, at this time, we both agree that this is the right time to break this relationship. As I said earlier, I want to thank him for all the work done.

Balance of Mourinho is mainly positive. Believe we have made a major leap in both regards – sportingly as well as competitively. Today is where Real Madrid should belong. Had gone six years without being in the place where we belonged, eliminated in R16 and not be seeded. These past few years, we have been in the top four. We have been in semi-finals and finals. I can say that the balance is positive.

Last year we were delighted with the season we had – we played some spectacular football and broke all the records. This year for ordinary mortals was normal, that is finishing second in the league, semi-finals of the Champions League and finals of the Copa but for us it wasn’t sufficient. We are a very demanding club and we are proud of it. This Madrid is great for the level of demand it has and our culture is to win. Balance on a sporting point of view is positive.

This season alone isn’t enough to consider the level of demand for Real Madrid or for Jose Mourinho, but you can say it was bad. We frankly discussed many things we were dealing with, things to be improved and problems that needed to be solved. In respect of the next coach, it will be a new stage, we want the coach to help us continue to grow. That is the requirement at Real Madrid. Today we are better established institutionally and economically, and have the sporting stability we lost in those six years.

We are more united than ever. I came here nine years ago when we were in a turbulent period. I can assure that today the socios are more united than ever and you can see that everyday. Mourinho is a manager with most achievements, to be here for three years and more so with a lot of pressure. On a personal level, rather leave the club and share the reasons. Its the suitable way to start a new project.

I would have liked if he had continued. The pressure level was increasing and everyone has a pressure limit and it was now.

Every coach has his personality but the level of demand and competitiveness of Mourinho was never doubted. Whenever he was wrong, he himself recognised it and apologised. At this pressure level, it is not normal and many Madridistas understand that.

We are proud to have the pressure to win, but that, personally, I think is exceeded. Only remains to respect his decision. Today I’m talking normal as usual, but sometimes I get angry but these things happen and will happen at Real Madrid. Important thing is that the socios are united, today other things like institutional or economic stability are not of concern. That allows us to own our destiny because we will not lose identity of the club. A sad day because you get to an agreement with someone who is going, and I wish him well. This house always remember him, as all who have been here and be part of the club’s history. ”

(re: Mourinho to journalists) I have said that everyone has their personality and be wrong sometimes, but when I do the balance José Mourinho has given us a level of intensity, competitiveness and we qualitatively improved on a sporting level. It’s true we were not seeded and it’s true that we were eliminated in R16 in the last six years, now that does not happen. We are proud to be where we belong and in the three semifinals we had no luck. I don’t want to say nothing of the three years ago with Barcelona, then penalties and bad luck this year again against Borussia Dortmund. We’ve been in the finals and our hope is to continue to do so.

(re: expectations from Mourinho) Everything is relative, from where we were we took a major leap, but we lacked a little bit more. As I always said, I’m sure all the teams in Europe will be happy to reach the semi-finals three times with possibilities of reaching the end, I would say yes. We believe instead that it is not enough, this requirement simply inherited, hence this club was given the award for best club of the twentieth century. Our obligation is to keep improving.

The decision depended on many things, maybe if we had won the European Cup we would be talking about something else, don’t know. I think he believes or has believed that it has a level of pressure that has endured, and is not easy to bear, and that three years is enough. This is the club where there is more pressure. Manager is very demanding with himself, with others, is very competitive and that also exhausts.

We can have a third Portuguese and fourth, that’s for sure, this is a club open to the world and do not put any limitations at all.

In 2006 I could say that I was closer to the players. This time, I tried not to disturb neither the coach nor the players.

With this level of competitiveness we have had … have been leagues which were won with 68 points and then there are others that were won with 100. The word ‘failure’ does not correspond to reality and would be unfair to do so. Madridistas do not believe that we’ve failed. Just that in our culture is not enough, we’ve won nine European Cups since 1954, so we have not always won. Important thing is that we have recovered the level that we had. Now, seems normal to be among the four best teams in Europe, we have always been at the stage with Mourinho, therefore, I can assure you that the word failure is far away.

(On why Mourinho and Cristiano did not collect runners-up medal at the Copa) The two were sent off in the game I guess that’s why.

This club used to living in pressure, when I arrived in 2000 I had a hard time understanding that pressure. This club is very important and some people want to influence it, and to see it fair. But sometimes I think that results in pressure. For example, Jose Mourinho told me in England a football match lasts two hours before and two hours after. Here the matches last 24 hours a day, seven days a week. That is not normal for people not used to it. I’ve had to get used to that over time, and only with the experience I bear. Such is the pressure of which I speak. Would also say, that this pressure is the greatness of this club, you can not sleep here one day. Between that reasonable pressure and another that is unreasonable, there are some with insults which are inappropriate for civilized people’s qualifications because to say those things is not normal and those things can not be done ”

I want to express my utmost respect to Paris Saint Germain, their chairman and all clubs. I’ve said that a few days ago the director general went to the PSG president to discuss the possibility of hiring Carlo Ancelotti, but they said no with all due respect. We have time enough to think of the coach. There are several options, not one, not two, not three, there are more.

Zidane is a player who is at the heart of all Madridistas in general and socios in particular, not only for how he plays but by the values ​​he represents. His first goal is going to be coach of the categories below. He’s an asset for this club.”