Florentino Perez says Marca report is false

Florentino Perez, President of Real Madrid, appeared before the press today to deny the things reported by Marca on its front page today. The president spoke inside the royal box of the stadium and quashed all rumours suggesting players have given him the ultimatum over Mourinho. Marca headline read, "In June, us or Mourinho"



Perez said,

Given the seriousness of what is reported, I break my rule of not speaking about day to day functioning of the club. It is completely false that players gave an ultimatum or anything like that. It is not true what has been said. I want to reiterate that I have great respect for the club. But, I think there are ethical limits to be protected even by those who do not share our plans. No one has called me, not the general director, not the captains to protest. What happened is really serious. Resorting to lying to destabilize the club is unethical and it is being done repeatedly. The unity of the socios and the fans is what made us great. Only we decide the future of the club. The information is to destabilize an institution which is most prestigious in history of football. The information that has been published today is false and of great seriousness. This is information that is threatening our club, our team and our players. It is not my rule to disprove things said day by day, but this is not like who we're signing etc... this is crossing the line of ethics. Whenever something or someone passes the line of ethics, I'll be here. The degree of responsibility of the captains is incompatible with this information. Yesterday we won, are in the semifinals .. and there's someone who does not like it and tries to destabilize the club. They have personal goals to destabilize the club which has 102 years of history and is best in the world. As usual, we had a meeting with the players to discuss bonuses. The mood was magnificent and responsible as always.

Perez repeatedly said there were four people present in the meeting and no one else. He also denied talking about Falcao rumour and said he hadn't spoken to Mourinho about this press conference.

When asked if the players were unhappy, Perez said, "I have just come here to say the information published today was false."

Two points from the press conference that I noticed:

1. Perez went out of his way from saying Marca's name or any publication's name for that matter. He kept referring to it as "news" or "information".

2. He repeatedly said there were four people in the room. Perez, the captains - Ramos and Iker and the fourth is expected to be Jose Angel Sanchez, director general at the club.

(Quotes translated from Tosepower and Primillo7's Twitter feed)

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