Casillas and Ramos deny any ultimatum for Mourinho

Iker Casillas, captain, and Sergio Ramos, vice captain, of Real Madrid have denied putting forward any ultimatum towards Florentino Perez to have Jose Mourinho sacked in the summer. The following has been said in an official communication by the club after Florentino Perez personally addressed the media a few hours earlier.

The official communication read:

1. The meeting held on Tuesday with President and director general of the club never raised any ultimatum from us regarding the future of the manager.

2. As captains of the squad and members of an excellent group, we categorically reject the use of our names and the rest of the staff are in support of any such information as false in its entirety.

3. We want to show our support for our coach, Jose Mourinho, to whom we owe the greatest respect.

4. Lastly, we wish to convey to the members and fans of Real Madrid our unalterable conviction that only through unity, we can overcome all the challenges we face each season.

Hala Madrid!


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