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Carlo Ancelotti was officially presented as new Real Madrid manager today with Florentino Perez presenting him the new shirt and Emilio Butragueño by his side while answering the questions posed by the press. Ancelotti answered the questions with elegance and dodged the tough and tricky questions with ease and politeness as well.

In his first press conference as Real Madrid manager, Ancelotti said:

I want to thank PSG for the experience I had in France. Now at Madrid, the world's most prestigious club have to win playing spectacular football, because the history and tradition of this club is to play attacking football, spectacular, and we will work to play football that makes fans happy. The work is not easy, but it is never easy.

We've been to Valdebebas and it is fantastic. Everything that we need is there. I think the work done will very good. I have the support of the club, the president and the fans, so I think that this season will be a happy season for Real Madrid.

(Since when have you known you are manager of Real Madrid?) Yesterday it was made official and I knew since Monday.  I think the club has done a lot of work because I had one year remaining in my contract with PSG. Thanks to their good relationship I'm here.

(What will Zinedine Zidane's role be?) Zizou was a great player, everyone knows him and now he's decided to have a coaching role and I'm happy to work with him. He will be a very good assistant. Additionally I will have Paul Clement.

(What do you make of the squad? Do you need backups?) It is very good, in the next few days we can say who I need. Today I cannot say which players are leaving and which players are staying. We have time to talk about this in the coming days.

(Have you spoken of pressure and demands? And La Decima?) Everyone in the world knows of La Decima. It is a great goal. For the club and for everyone. I have the ambition and the responsibility. That's not a problem. Every year a manager has had the responsibility. It is a big motivation.

(Is there more pressure here than at another club?) I don't think the pressure here is more than at other clubs. The job of a manager is of pressure. The problem will be managing the pressure. This is normal. I want to work with pressure.

(You already have the nickname of a "Peacemaker") I have never been called the "peacemaker", it is the first time. I am the manager, I want to have good relations with the players and I've always had good relationships with all. I don't think Madrid needs a peacemaker. It is not a bad word, it is a good work. Thank you for the word.

(You started with a system and it is improving. What is Madrid thinking?) Spectacular is to say to have control of the play, we have to thinking of attack, a good balance on the pitch. Playing attacking football needs offensive quality and the team has it. The midfield has a lot of quality and it will not be difficult to form offensive football, with a good process.

(Seems like you were destined to come here. Were you born to manage this club?) Its a dream come true for me. Real Madrid represents a great history and a great tradition. I love football and that's why Madrid is a dream. And this dream has been realised.

(The squad will be improved with Isco and Carvajal. Do you need to improve further?) We will use the coming days to look and speak about this. The team is very good. Have youngsters from the Cantera who are very good because they have the ambition and enthusiasm. I am happy to work with the youngsters.

(You have said that Zidane will be your assistant. Will he be on the bench?) Yes, he will be on the bench. Problem is that he cannot play.

(Do you have a list of players to sign?) I don't really need that. Together we will discuss in the coming few days. This team is very good, but maybe some changes, but don't need many things.

(Would winning trophies here be the highlight of your career?) It’s a dream because Real Madrid is a dream for everyone in the world. I'm very happy because I've been fortunate to coach top teams such as Milan, Juventus, Parma... I've had a good feeling at all the clubs I've coached at. I don't think Madrid will be end of my career. I hope to be here for a long time.

(You changed Andre Pirlo’s position at Milan. What are your thoughts on Luka Modric?) They’re players with different characteristics. Modric is more dynamic than Pirlo. He needs to play across the whole pitch, whereas Pirlo’s position is more specific. His terrain is different.

(Is it wrong to have two good players in the same position as Florentino said?) The competition within a team is important. Its true that a team which has more starters will create more confidence amongst the team.

(What’s your interest in Edinson Cavani? We haven’t spoken about signings because it’s the first day. I can’t give you any information about who could arrive.)

(Does Kaká still have football left in him?) I know him very well, very well indeed. I hope to see him train and afterwards I’ll decide. Today he’s a Real Madrid player and we’re going to work with him to give everything for him to be the best player possible for Madrid.

(When Real Madrid hosted Barcelona under José Mourinho, the pitch wasn’t watered and was allowed to grow. Will you do the same?) If we want to play a quick style of football, we need to see water. We need a quick pitch.

(Would you have liked to have Falcao?) It’s very difficult to talk about a fantastic player when you have other fantastic attackers like Cristiano, Benzema or Higuaín who are formidable.

(Will you have a nicer relationship with the press to differentiate with Mourinho?) Mourinho is a great manager and I have respect for him. Each person has a character and nothing more. He has a character different than mine and I have it different than him. I have complete respect for him.

(How can you help Mourinho’s legacy to be forgotten?) I don’t think it’s right to make comparisons. He did his job here and I’ll do mine after him. Comparisons are impossible. The president will be the one to say if I've done a good job or not such a good one.

(When Mourinho arrived, one of his targets was to supplant Barca. How can that be done?) Barcelona are a very competitive team, the most competitive in Spain. But we can rival them. The games we play against them will be marvellous. I am confident that Madrid will be better.

(What are your thoughts on Isco?) I can talk about his quality, and he is very good. The Spain Under-21 team has fantastic players, he has more quality than everyone. Isco can play in any team.

(I don’t know if you've heard, but Casillas has been a substitute. Will he play under you?) [Laughing] I don’t know... He’ll get minutes. I know him very well, he’s a fantastic goalkeeper, he has won it all. He’s the captain and the rule in football is that he’ll play if he deserves to play. That goes for all players and teams.

(Who will be the general manager and the coaching staff?) The other in the coaching staff will be physical coach Mauri, who was at Chelsea, PSG and Milan. I will be the coach. (He will have maximum responsibilities in terms of first team says Butragueno)

(What can you say about Cristiano Ronaldo?) He’s a fantastic player and marvellous. It’s an honour to coach a player like Cristiano, like Zidane. Cristiano wasn’t on my list, now he’s on that list with Zidane, Ronaldo, Ronaldinho..

(Have you been informed about the relationship between Mourinho and his players – and the possible disagreements?What dressing room do you expect to find?) It’s not possible for me to know what has happened. A new chapter starts for me and for the players. It’s a new relationship and I think it’ll be a good one. There will be no problems.

(Have you participated in the signings and decisions made by the club?) No, I haven’t taken any part in what the club has done. We’ll talk in the coming days.

(What are your objectives?) To work as well as possible, to give my best with professionalism and hard work. And to help the team to win significant trophies.

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