After being sacked on Monday by Real Madrid, Alberto Toril sent out an open letter to Real Madrid, his players, previous players and the fans. In quite a frank letter, he was vocal about the opportunity and had pretty strong words for the Real Madrid management as well.

Here is the letter in its entirety:

First I want to thank Real Madrid for giving me this opportunity to become the manager of the Cantera sides for this is my home and will always be. Same opportunity as I was given as a player.

This will always be my home and I returned as a manager for the past six years which have been highly successful. So I hope and wish for more of the same. To return with the more force and experience, so this is only a ‘see you soon’.

Throughout these years I’ve learnt a lot from the managers I’ve met – Pellegrini, Ancelotti (I want to thank him and his staff for the treatment they’ve given and for the close support) and I would like to specially mention Mourinho. He taught me to be at highest level, to live in new and complex situations of maximum responsibility which will help me in the future.

I also want to thank all the Madridistas for their support and understanding during these years. I feel very proud to wear these colours. THANK YOU.

I would also like to thank the media for their love, sensibility and treatment that I always received. THANK YOU.

And most of all, my thanks goes out to my players from all my heart. I’ve spent the best moments of my career with them here at my home – from Juvenil A, Real Madrid C and Real Madrid Castilla. I have grown as a coach but also as a person. With them, my way became much easier, only have words of admiration for them. I feel part of their growth, their achievements, see them compete at the highest level and see them give their heart, confidence and effort each day.

I go with my head held high, having given everything, dedicating my body and soul to this club but with a sense of injustice. I have always thought of the club before my personal ambition, but this time the club has not thought of me. This is the first difficulty in these six years and thought the experience would be worth building confidence and trust on their part. I could not do things as I liked and I leave knowing the responsibility of the situation of the team does not lie with me only.

My madridismo goes beyond this, Madrid never fails, people fail. Thank you again to all the professionals I’ve worked with (doctors, equipment managers, phsyios, workers at Valdebebas…). A big hug!


Alberto Toril.