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CR7 still upset with Florentino and will not accept contract extension

The club will try to convince

If not, will sell him or see him go for free in 2015

Pepe: If Cristiano or Mourinho decide to leave, it’s their decision. I’m not going to decide the same ┬ájust because they decided to leave”

Calderon a fortress in 2012

Of 28 official matches, Atletico lost only two – to Madrid and Barca






AUTHENTIC AND CLASSY (in pic: Xabi Alonso)

Xabi Alonso shows himself of an exemplary footballer worthy of renewal

Madrid offers two years, he wants one year

Does not want to commit more than he can perform

No salary increase requests because last year it went up without asking

Mou opens training to public which reunites with Casillas

Marcelo can walk – He recovers from his injury in Amsterdam

Pepe: “The Portuguese feel persecuted in Spain”

Devastating accusation by central defender in an interview with ‘Record’ at Valdebebas


Mundo Deportivo



Pepe: “The Portuguese felt persecuted”

The central cries victim and complains that he has been shown in the negative light after assaulting Casquero