Why sulky Ronaldo is a good thing for Madridistas

Ronaldo v Granada

On Saturday we won 5-1 against Granada at the Bernabeu. Benzema scored two goals, Ramos and Higuain bagged the third and the fourth. The fifth was scored by Cristiano Ronaldo and possibly the most talked about goal of the game. After scoring, Cristiano didn't celebrate or even smile. This reaction was strange given we were up 5-1 and in a dominant position. His reaction received plenty of criticism from media outlets across the globe. Even in our Merengue Bites podcast, others thought his reaction needed to be better. I, on the other hand, think his reaction is a positive sign for Madridistas.

Clearly he was frustrated as he wasn't able to score from previous opportunities that he had. He had been on target on numerous instances only he failed to hit the back of the net on all of those chances. His desperate attempts to score a goal and non celebration signified how he wishes to do his best and achieve the best. And, if he does achieve his personal glories, it only helps the team at the end of the day. Having said that, his personal glories isn't what am after but team glory is what matters to me.

Ronaldo is on the receiving end of blame when things aren't going well. Especially when it comes to the Clasico where he was blamed for not carrying the team forward when it mattered. So in this situation he was trying to do his best and that's by scoring goals. When he did get the goal, he didn't celebrate mainly because he wasn't happy with his performance.

What do you guys think?

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  1. Yeah, it's totally correct. He was missing the old hunger for goals, and seeing him struggle ain't that good. So, let's hope he gets the red hot form again, especially in games which wins us titles.

  2. Totally agreed. A hungry Ronaldo is always a good thing for us. It's the high standards that he holds for himself that keep him from giving up, which is always beneficial to us. I hope he gets some more luck soon.

  3. ronaldo must score ........................i hope real win all trophies

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