Video: Cristiano sings for Messi

Cristiano and Messi (along with 21 others) have been named in the Balon de Oro list. Journalists, captains of national teams and others in the footballing world will decide who wins this illustrious prize. A prize which honours an individual in a team sport thus nullifying the sensibility of the sport altogether, but that's how it is.

In Spain, it is majorly between Falcao, Cristiano and Messi. Teammates, coaches, ex-players and ex-coaches are being interviewed on a daily basis by Spanish newspapers to give their opinion on who should win it. Including Cristiano and Messi who said some pretty interesting things in regards to the award.

TalkSport, UK's media outlet, had Cristiano sing Lionel Messi a song to help his chances. I hope Leo has a listen and helps Cristiano win the award.


May the best man win. Or the guy singing. But really the best man.

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