Jorge Mendes comes out in support of Cristiano Ronaldo

Amid all the noise after Cristiano Ronaldo said he was sad for professional reasons at Real Madrid, his agent Jorge Mendes came out in support of his superstar client and backed him up fully. His statement released here (in Portuguese) tries to refute all the claims that he wants out and there is a growing distance between Cristiano and Mendes.

His statement said:

There were media reports today by some outlets claiming I've been left surprised by Cristiano's statements and am bothered by them. On that matter I wish to say the following:
- Am aware of the reasons of Cristiano's statements and it is upto him and his discretion if he wants to disclose them or not;
- These statements haven't surprised me and much less, caused me any discomfort;
- Whoever knows of my relationship with Cristiano knows that he has my total solidarity.

In case you've been living under a rock for the past 24 hours, the whole situation is summed up really well here and there are some theories attached too.

Just to bring you up to speed with rumours running about today..
- Cristiano will return to the Premiership as he feels unloved at the club.
- Cristiano Ronaldo is upset by the club not opposing the four match ban to Coentrao
- Anzhi have made a 200m euro bid for Cristiano Ronaldo and met with Jorge Mendes
- Cristiano Ronaldo was forcibly asked to play on his fathers' death anniversary

As of right now it's all a theories and no one knows. So if you've got a keyboard, you can have your theory too. Use our comments section for the electronic scribbling process. Go nuts!

UPDATE: Cristiano wrote on his Twitter account earlier today trying to squash the rumour building. Well, it didn't help. Anyway, here is what he said.

That I am feeling sad has created a huge stir. It's not about money, but one day it will be shown that this is not the case. I want to guarantee my motivation, commitment and desire to win all competitions. I love this club. Abrazos to all madridistas

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