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Poll : Madridismo demands in 2013…

La decima and Cristiano

1. Win La Decima

‘2. Cristiano’s renewal

3. Go for another manager

4. Sign Spaniards

5. Sign Radamel Falcao

6. Promotion of the Cantera

7. Regain the dignity

8. A better playing team

9. Mourinho to stay

10. Florentino to continue

11. Go for another president

12. Win Copa del Rey




Words of Pepe: “Cristiano will renew”

“I am convinced that he will renew and is happy here”

Defender believes he will solve his differences with club

With Mou it is no t so clear

Mou-Iker before 7000 fans: “I will stay to win my third Champions League, La Decima for Madrid”





Mundo Deportivo



Mou clarifies

“I will stay to win my third Champions League”