Real Madrid: Newspapers 2/11

Real Madrid front page news from Sports dailies in Spain.


Balon de Oro: War does not end

Messi: His selection: Xavi, Iniesta and Kun

Messi will not vote for Cristiano

Messi would choose Higuain or Di Maria but since they are not in the list of 23, he opts for Kun in the third place

Barca and Madrid, the most valuable teams in the world: Other 30 Spanish teams are in top 100 in the world

Copa: Reopening the debate of a single game: Results predictable and fields empty, devaluing the actual format




Take care!

Manufacture of legends!

The ideal 11 of Cantera have a total of 5878 games!

Casillas (639), Chendo (496), Sanchis (709), Benito (417), Camacho (573), Michel (559), M.Vasquez (341), Guti (539), Velazquez (402), Butragueno (462), Raul (741)

Jose Rodriguez: Mourinho wants to spoil it. The Canterano went to see his ex tem-mates from Juvenil A after fortunate debut with Real Madrid. "I could not sleep!"

The advocacy of Mourinho: Madrid has invested 153 million in signing of 12 players since the arrival of the Portuguese




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  1. Hala madriD, we are on the right path

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