Newspaper roundup

Real Madrid news from Sports newspapers in Spain:




Pepegate at Barca

The club grab, with the knowledge of Guardiola, his performance in the Clasicos of 2011. Looking for aggression without the ball.

Xabi Alonso: “Madridistas in disguise? I do not know of that”









Xabi does not see any disguises

Commends the support of all the Madridistas

Mourinho on Monday: “There are many disguised Madridistas”

Xabi: “Don’t think there are (Madridistas) in disguise”

Xabi: “Madridistas want people who feel for the club and the team, we perceive that and we have the support of Bernabeu”

Xabi: “The disguise I see is positive”

Varane also arrived with slight injury! : Of the 19 internationals of Madrid, 7 arrived with injuries.