Real Madrid: Newspapers 16/12

Real Madrid news from front pages of Sports dailies in Spain.




Florentino supports Mou and gives evidence of it

Sits in a locked room with a journalist from Radio Marca, along with five employees, and demands strong call for information

Cristiano or Morata to dispute for the number 9

Benzema called up but is doubtful due to injury

Espanyol haven't won at Bernabeu since 1996







Mourinho's gold badge.

Florentino supports Mou at the badge handing ceremony of socios but does not comment on his future

Coentrao, Khedira and Ozil back in the XI

Mou loses his temper

A 'top' coach and three black sheep (by Anton Meana, Radio Marca)






Mundo Deportivo


Willing to change history

Aguirre will be without Cristian but with Sergio Garcia, wants to give him the start












Florentino 'dedicates' himself to Mou









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