Real Madrid: Newspapers 12/11

Real Madrid news from front pages of Spanish sports dailies.



Wordplay on Cantera and Golazo - Canterazo!

Levante 1-2 Real Madrid

Morata: Came in the 82' and scored in the 83'

Heroic match by the two teams on a waterlogged pitch

Mourinho: "Cristiano first lost vision in one eye and then in both. Was dizzy"







Morata takes Madrid out of the puddle

A goal by the Canterano in the 84' maintains life in Liga for Madrid

Alonso missed a penalty

Levante battled hard for a point, to drown Los Blancos on an practical pitch

Brawl in the locker room. Ballesteros engages with players and staff of Madrid.

Ramos accuses the Granota: "Always the same with which they complicate"

Cristiano injured. Receives an elbow on the eyelid by Navarro and was substituted.




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