Newspaper roundup

Newspaper roundup from today (Tuesday, October 16)


Mourinho: “There are many Madrid fans in disguise. But the ones in the streets, with the scarves give me confidence.”

Ramos: “I trained with everyone and in this condition am ready to play against France”

Benzema: “Prefer to be marked by Ramos than Pique or Puyol because I know him better”

Cold atmosphere: Only 500 attend the training and 13,000 tickets are still unsold







Spain and France play today for a ticket to Brazil

Ramos and Albiol tried in the centre of defence

Del Bosque: “It’s like a cup tie”

Mou: “There are many Madridistas in disguise. (he appears on RMTV) I feel fans with scarves are behind me.”

Confessions in Portugal:
“If I helped everyone who asked me, I’d not have any money left”
“Spain is not a racist country but people say stupid things on the pitch”
“I can’t understand anybody who doesn’t want to belong to their own country”
“In England there is education and respect for privacy of others”

Van Dijk to operate on Marcelo on Friday

Madrid-Barca Airlines: Pay half-and-half to rent a private plane to get their internationals back as soon as possible.

Mundo Deportivo

Xavi: “The eight point advantage over Real Madrid is impressive”

Del Bosque was the psychologist in the war between Cules and Madridistas

Mou ironical on the Champions (League): “There are games that look like friendlies” he says in relation to Barcelona’s group.