Real Madrid to take legal action against Godall and Marca journalist

Real Madrid in its own capacity and Jose Mourinho are taking legal action against Marca editor-in-chief Roberto Palomar and former Barcelona vice-president Alfons Godall for scathing remarks towards Jose Mourinho in the past couple of days.

Jose Mourinho's legal team have filed a lawsuit against Roberto Palomar who is editor-in-chief for Madrid based newspaper Marca. On Monday in an article he wrote, "Mourinho is the type of person who would flee after knocking someone down".

Mourinho's legal team claimed, "In our eyes this phrase is ... degrading and was used in a manner which was completely unnecessary in the critique."

Marca in an update today mentioned Mourinho and his legal team want the story rectified and 15,000 euros in compensation to be awarded to Canillas, team for which Mourinho's son plays.

Real Madrid as a club have filed for legal proceedings against former Barcelona vice-president - Alfons Godall. Godall took to his Twitter after Mourinho's emphatic celebrations upon 3-2 victory over Manchester City and tweeted:

It's lamentable the psychopath celebrating goals as if he was a player

Real Madrid in a statement released a little while back stated:

Real Madrid C.F. rejects in the strongest disqualifications of the former vice president of FC Barcelona, Alfons Godall, toward the figure of our coach, Jose Mourinho, after the conclusion of Tuesday's meeting between our team and Manchester City.

- Real Madrid C.F. condemns this attack and has instructed its legal services to undertake legal action they deem appropriate.

- Real Madrid C.F. will not allow attacks of this nature and will always act against those who violate the honor of those who are part of our club.

These comments by members of the media and by recognisable figures does nothing but adds to the animosity between the club and media and fans of Real Madrid and FC Barcelona. In case of Palomar it is extremely degrading given the criticism, if any, could have been handed without such poor choice of words.

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  1. Parabens pela goleada no Ajax, Real Madri é show.
    Um grande abraço a todos.

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