Real Madrid - A Gentlemen’s club

Real Madrid has had a long history of helping those less fortunate. The squad regularly either hosts or participates in charity football matches that have benefited some great causes. Let's take a quick look at some of the matches they have played in recent years.

In 2010, Real Madrid visited Tirana to help Gramozi raise funds for flood victims north of Albania. After falling 1-0 early, the team rallied to win the match 2-0 but the flood victims received hefty donations from the proceeds of the match to help in relief efforts.

In May of last year, Real Madrid played in a charity game to raise money for those affected by the Lorca earthquake. They took on Team Murcia and wound up playing to a 2-2 draw off goals from Ronaldo and Benzema. Fittingly it was Lorca who was the big winner that night with around 500,000 Euro raised for charity.

This past June, Manchester United traveled to the Bernabeu to take on Real Madrid in the Corazon Classic Match. The match is an annual affair hosted by Real Madrid that benefits Real's Foundation academies in Africa. This year's game saw Real defeat United 3-2 before a crowd numbering 60,000.

Speaking of Manchester United, they recently held a charity poker event where the proceeds of the event benefited an anonymous Irish hospice. Jonny Evans was the defending champion of the Man Utd charity poker event and proved that he was no fluke by winning it again.

Real Madrid recognizes the importance that the game of football has on everyday life and so it makes sense that they strive to give back through competition on the field. In addition to raising money for worthy charities, football fans get the opportunity to watch some of the best players from yesterday and today compete. It is football with a purpose and Real Madrid will certainly continue this honorable tradition well into the distant future.

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