If you thought we already had a huge list of midfielders then here is another to the list, Hamit Altintop. After days of speculation, transfer of the German born Turkish player is now official. (Yes another German-Turkish combination after Ozil and Sahin!). He’s signed for four years from Bayern Munich as a free transfer.

Altintop is a versatile midfielder who can play defensively and in attack and also on both flanks though he does a better job on the right from what I’ve seen of his games at Bayern. He is also admired for his ability to shoot from long distances.

Even though Altintop can do this :


I don’t see the point of signing Altintop. So after Altintop, Real Madrid’s midfield looks like this :
Gago, Kaka, Lass, Granero, Alonso, Canales, Leon, di Maria, Ozil, Khedira, Sahin (recent buy) and Altintop.

With Altintop joining, the midfield would need to be trimmed. This means we would see some players being offloaded and some to be sent out on loan. Here is what I think would happen :

Gago would be sold off to anyone. He’s barely played this season and has been injured for a long long time. No point keeping a player who isn’t making it to the starting side or even the bench.

Lass – Lass has been linked with a move back to England and now some days back to Juventus. Even though he’s a hard working player and has had a great second half of the season, he has been wanting starting place in the squad which after the arrival of Sahin and now Altintop would be harder to get. This means Lass could be on his way out as well.

Canales – Canales hasn’t had much playing time either. And he deserves it. The best way for us would be if the Spaniard is loaned off to another club rather than being sold.

Pedro Leon – Leon despite being a very hard worker hasn’t been part of Mourinho’s plans at all. Some say its due to the fact that Leon was a Valdano signing. So I see Pedro Leon being sold off to any club that offers a reasonable sum of money.

What do you make of the signing? Do you know anyone who might be German-Turkish who we could sign? :))