Post match comments from tonight’s 1-1 draw at the Bernabeu versus Barcelona in the league.

Jorge Valdano

Things got complicated after the penalty, the red card and the goal we conceded. We made great efforts during the first half and it was tough to play the remaining minutes with one man down. Barcelona made the mistake of giving us some room to breathe, and you can’t afford that against a team like Real Madrid. We used our chance well and were determined enough to try to win the game.

We will continue to work hard to win the title while we still have a mathematical chance to do so. Our last experience against Barcelona was rather rough, but we proved to be competitive tonight, which is very important for the coming weeks.

Both teams have drawn their swords. It was an intense match and I believe exhaustion will play an important role in the next games. We’ll see how we arm ourselves, but our faith has been strengthened by this match.

Ricardo Carvalho

The most important thing is that when we were losing and down to ten men, we had the character in check and do well.

The team played well, and was key after the last game against them. The most important is the character shown by the team.

(on upcoming games in the Copa Del Rey and UEFA Champions League) We can play a little better, but we’re fine. If we continue with this character, we will have a chance of winning the upcoming matches. I may not play the first leg of the Champions League, but I hope that we can get a good result at Camp Nou.

Alvaro Arbeloa

As things have gone, with one player less and losing, the draw is better than a loss. It is the reward for our work. We wanted the victory to keep on pushing Barcelona in the league, but there is an uphill struggle.

We’ve been good, especially when we played eleven against eleven. We had our chances then.

Iker Casillas

Holding with ten men after a red and a penalty is very complicated. But we stayed together as a team and struggled, ran a lot and in the end we managed to draw a penalty. The team did well to stand to the task.

You have to see the positive, we played with ten men and had the fans on our side.

(On current La Liga situation) It’s complicated, it is clear. The goal was to win and cut points with the leader. At the end its a draw, but it was not easy. We played almost the entire second half with ten men. We will continue fighting until the end.

Jose Mourinho

It was a very balanced game when we were eleven against eleven. It was a clash of teams which deserve respect and know that their opponent is strong. They didn’t have any great scoring opportunities. And then, as happens many times, we were down to ten and then it was mission impossible.

Barça is the world’s best when it comes to possession. With eleven against eleven we got into difficulties. With eleven against ten they were able to do what they like. Again, difference of opinion was amazing because I do not understand why Alves did not see the second yellow. If such failure is from 50 meters and is a card if done in the area. The fourth official told me they did not give the card because it is a defensive end.

(On Adebayor substitution) We played well with ten because we are prepared to do it with ten. We tried to play more direct. Adebayor was the backup we needed. The crowd was fantastic and we managed a draw. I like to play with eleven against eleven but both Spain and Europe is impossible. I’m tired of games against Barcelona prepare to ten.

(On Albiol red card) The consequences of this match will be on Wednesday as today we played 45 minutes with ten. The players are worn out with one less player. The second conclusion is that with eleven against eleven there are conditions to compete.

(On Copa Del Rey final) We are in the hope of finding a referee who has the same criteria for both teams, although we know we played against an opponent who has a stunning position.

(On Cristiano) For me it is important to mark his first goal against Barca. He has cold blood and courage to take a decisive penalty in the dying minutes. With one less has had to play differently and it has worked. All we leave with positive feelings, we tried to do things right and have the recognition of our people.

Pep Guardiola

Coming to the Bernabeu and getting a draw is a very good result. Real Madrid is a great competitor. With the 0-1 we lacked look a little more to beat Casillas’ goal. Coming here and not lose is always a good result because Real Madrid I insist, is a senior team.

Pepe is a player with great presence. They have remarkable individuals. We expected something like this. The point was to create superiority by Busquets, and search space with the above. Pepe is strong. We’ll see on Wednesday to see how it goes end.

I do not know what will happen. Whenever you come here a lot can happen. We have lost and also won the final. Eight points is the different with six games to go. Try to go on to be champions.

Dani Alves

(on the penalty decision) We do not usually talk about referees but things are taken out of proportion. They try to do their job and often goes well and other times like today goes wrong. I do not share their decision because I got the ball clean. Marcelo recognized it had to be a penalty.

We did a good job and hopefully we could have won easily. But football always gives you another opportunity and we will Wednesday in the Cup final which we are super motivated for after today’s match.

We can not think that the league is won. We must continue as before, adding points in the games and go the distance. That’s how important today’s game : continue with the same advantage and have one game less.


Barcelona was much better than Madrid, it’s a shame it does not take the 3 points because we would have won the league.

Seeing the league this is a good result. The club is always more ambitious and wanted the three points, we mastered well, we defended well but we have been lost out in the end.

(On Mourinho saying his teams play with 10 men v Barcelona) Nothing to say. I do not care.

We’re going with a good feeling for having done a great match, the negative is the failure to end the League at the Bernabeu.

Sergio Ramos

(On La Liga) There is no mathematical champion. So we are forced to keep fighting until the end.

We must appreciate the love of the fans for the team, the team’s attitude when we were eleven and one less too.

The referee didn’t send Alves off for the penalty to Marcelo and nevertheless he did not doubt at the moment to send off Albiol.