La Liga and Europe in numbers after transfer season

With the transfer season over, its time to analyze how all the teams fared and their spends in the summer. Its revealed some interesting changes that have happened over the summer in other leagues as well as in La Liga. Prime Time Sport have done a fantastic job of accumulating some wonderful statistics which are presented below.

  1. European market of player signings reached 1721m euros (30% higher than last year). English Premier League (533m euros), Serie A (465m euros), La Liga (358m euros), Ligue 1 (194m euros), Bundesliga (151m euros) were the highest spenders.
  2. FC Barcelona lead European football in income with 473m euros. Real Madrid (budget of income for 2010/11) - 450m euros and Manchester United - 384m Euros are second and third respectively.
  3. Real Madrid and FC Barcelona jointly account 52% of the total income of the league. In other leagues it is 25% and 30% of the total income.
  4. 9 European teams hold 40% of the market investment. Manchester City spent the most (93m euros), PSG second (87m euros), Chelsea and Juventus a joint third (86m euros).
  5. Real Madrid leads in gross investment during the last three seasons - 398m euros. Manchester City second 378m euros and FC Barcelona third at 245m euros.
  6. Inter Milan has most accumulative sales - 170m euros, in last three seasons.
  7. Manchester City has largest net investment (after discounting players' sales) at 297m euros.
  8. Atletico Madrid earned the most in player sales with 85m euros. Most of it coming from Aguero's 45m euro move to Manchester City. Also spent the most in La Liga with 71m euros, most of it on Falcao from Porto at 40m euros.
  9. La Liga's investment in player signings reached 358m euros (37% rise). 83% of it was done by 5 clubs - Atletico Madrid, Real Madrid, FC Barcelona, Malaga and Valencia.
  10. 8 clubs in La Liga spent less than 3m euros. 64% of the sales were done for free or on loan.
  11. 8 La Liga clubs sold players for 5m euros or less. 5 clubs haven't reported any income in player sales.
  12. Bundesliga was the only league to report reduced investment on player signings. Seeing a 4% dip to record spending of 151m euros.
  13. Serie A (438m euros) and EPL (336m euros) record maximum sales from players sold. La Liga is third with 290m euros.
  14. In player sales, Atletico Madrid leads the pack with 85m euros earned. Followed by Palermo (73m euros) and Arsenal (70m euros). Others in the top 10 - Udinese, Genoa, Porto, Benefica and Valencia.
  15. Yaya Toure was most profitable signing amongst last season's transfers being on the pitch 91% of the times for Manchester City, David Villa the second with 84%. Least profitable signing - Balotelli with 34% for Manchester City.
  16. Atletico Madrid spent the most money this season in La Liga with 71m euros. Thereby eclipsing Barcelona (60m euros) and Real Madrid (55m euros). Malaga land third with investment of 58m euros.
  17. Barcelona and Real Madrid's investment is only 32% of the total investment in the league. Compared to 57% in 2010/11 and 80% in 2009/10.
  18. Valencia has earned 143m euros in player sales in the last 3 years. With 123m euros coming in the last two seasons.
  19. Real Zaragoza, Rayo Vallecano, Real Betis, Real Mallorca and Racing Santander have all declared bankruptcy. And still they have signed 41 players between them.
  20. In terms of net investment, Malaga is top with 58m euros. Followed by Real Madrid (39m euros) and Barcelona (36m euros). Atletico Madrid, Espanyol and Getafe did not reinvest the whole money earned in player sales.
  21. La Liga has least number of foreign players at 38.8% in the top 5 European leagues. EPL the most at 63.3%.
  22. Granada signed the most players in the summer (14). Athletic Bilbao (1), Real Sociedad (2) and Barcelona (2) have the least number of new players.
  23. 60% of La Liga's clubs have added at least half of their new players for free or loan.
  24. 17 teams have offloaded (sold or loaned) 9 players or more. Atletico Madrid offloaded the maximum of 15 players and Real Sociedad the least at 6 players.
  25. Levante (28.1), Osasuna (27.5) and Barcelona (26.9) have the oldest squad.
  26. Espanyol (24.4) have the youngest squad followed by Atletico Madrid (24.5) and Real Sociedad (24.9)
  27. Real Sociedad (15), Athletic Bilbao (12) and Barcelona (9) have the most players coming from their youth squad into the senior squad. Granada (0), Getafe (0) and Real Zaragoza (2) have the least.

Real Madrid Stats:

1. Reduced investment in player signings by 30% to 55m euros. Thereby being the 14th biggest spenders in Europe. Outside the top 10 in some time!

2. Spent the most in the last 3 seasons at 398m euros.

3. Signed one player amongst Europe's top 5 signings of the summer - Coentrao (30m euros)

4. Has the fourth youngest squad in La Liga with average age of 25.2. 0.3 lesser than last season.

Ravi Ramineni has done a fantastic job at covering these numbers (and more!) in an even better way. Would highly recommend you give his post over on Forza Futbol a read too!

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