Ronaldo and Kaka (Getty Images)

After a disastrous start, Real Madrid managed to come out on top and in style! When the referee blew the final whistle the scoreline read 6-2 to the home side which if you went by the first half performance was quite a comeback. Ronaldo scored a hatrick and Higuain, Benzema and Varane joined in to the party. Vallecano had two goals courtesy Miguel Perez Cuesta a.k.a. Michu.

  1. Starting off with the diabolical first few seconds which led to Vallecano taking a shocking lead within 16 seconds! Lass lost the ball, in his usual, careless fashion, and Vallecano’s attackers made the most of the error as Tamudo got a shot on target which bounced right in front of Iker. The most he could do was parry it off for Michu who was first on the end of the rebound to make it 1-0 to Vallecano. Is our defence back to its usual self I wonder?
  2. The decision to start with Lass had already been a ridiculous one and it was eventually fixed as Ozil came on in the 28th minute. It’s strange that Mourinho is adamant to stick with Lass despite the number of errors he commits be it tackles or giving the ball away way too cheaply. Lass wanted to go out in the summer and eventually that didn’t happen and still Mourinho gives preference to Lass over someone like Granero who is more of a team member than Lass. Just baffles me to see the opportunities that Lass gets and the way he throws them away!
  3. Kaka continued his impressive form. He played with a lot of passion, desire and showed the talent which he possessed when he was signed as a Real Madrid player. Nothing fancy in his play, no tricky skills or the sorts, just simple brilliance with the ball and how to play it. Kaka also won us a penalty when he was tripped inside the box and Ronaldo converted from the spot to make it 3-1.
  4. I know we all probably say it a lot but am going to say it once again, thank you Iker Casillas/ San Iker/ San Banana for making MANY MANY crucial saves today. The scoreline could have been ugly had it not been for you, so, ¡Gracias!
  5. Ronaldo got back into his goal scoring groove today with a hatrick. First one was a left footed bullet which went in between Dani’s legs. As Matt Traverso said in his tweet, if that had hit Dani’s balls, they would have exploded! A very graphic comparison but a true one at that. His next two goals were penalty conversions. The first one was won by Kaka and the second one was won by Cristiano himself as he was brought down by Dani. Both the penalties were fantastically put away. A brilliant stat to reflect on Ronaldo’s goal scoring prowess – “He has now scored 9 hat-tricks in the Spanish league. Nobody has done this since Quini (1970-1982)” (via 2010MisterChip)
  6. Splendid work by Albiol and Varane who made a solid partnership at the back. Even though neither of them are first choices for Mourinho, its fantastic to see that our backup options play very well together irrespective of very few opportunities given to them. I won’t say Albiol is a great defender but I would say that he is a wonderful backup option and someone who we shouldn’t let go of. Varane is young and has a lot to prove before he could be considered a starter but if early impressions are to go by, he is a great prospect for the upcoming years.
  7. Varane also scored his first goal as a Real Madrid player today with a brilliantly improvised shot from a corner despite being help back by a defender. In the process, at 18 years and 152 days, he becomes the youngest foreign player to score for Real Madrid and the fourth youngest in La Liga. (via MisterChip2010 once and twice)
  8. Am not sure what’s wrong with Di Maria. After the crazy bad acting/cheating two games back, he was given a second yellow with the second yellow being for a rather controversial intentional handball. In my opinion, the second yellow was deserved as Di Maria moved his hand to block the ball. It had its both negative and positive impact though. Negative being the team was reduced to ten men and pressurized more with the UEFA Champions League games in mid week and also Kaka – who was playing very well, was taken off to get the formation right (Kaka was replaced with Khedira). Positives being the team could play much better and smoother than they were doing with Ozil, Kaka and Di Maria together.
  9. Good job to Rayo Vallecano who made our job much difficult than what we had expected it to be. They didn’t sit back and defend but also tried to score goals and attack. Michu got two goals and was quicker than our defence in most situations. Their attack was lively and if it weren’t for Albiol/Varane, things could have been much different than the current 6-2 scoreline.
  10. In the end, overall, it looked like they were poles apart but that’s not the case. They had their moments but thankfully they didn’t make the most of it. It wasn’t a completely convincing performance especially given the fact that we were practically sleeping in the first 20-25 minutes of the game. Additionally, all of our strikers got goals – Ronaldo, Benzema and Higuain. All in all, a happy day. Goals are back!

What are your conclusions and comments on the game?