Bart loves Real Madrid!

We have now entered the second season of the “Know Thy Madridista” series. If you’re new here or would like to relive the editions from previous season then click here.

Previous season we had eight questions as a start so this season as a mark of stepping forward we’d have nine questions. Additionally, number 9 also marks the number of UEFA Champions League’s that we’ve won, so double reason.

We start the second season with Matt Traverso from Twitter. He is the one who coined the sentence “if that had hit Dani’s (Vallecano’s keeper) balls, they would have exploded!” which we talked about in the 10 conclusions of Real’s 6-2 win v Vallecano.

Tanuj: First up, tell us about you.
Matt: Well, I am 27 years old and I live in Sacramento, California USA. I graduated from Stanford University with a degree in Political Science and now currently work in the legislative process. I have always been an avid sports fan, and growing up I played all different kinds of sports. I played American football in college (not the beautiful game) and was on a track to go pro before 6 shoulder surgeries and 7 concussions sidelined me permanently.

Now in my free time, I enjoy watching Los Blancos, Manchester City and my alma mater, Stanford University play. HalaMadrid!

T: Since when have you been a Real Madrid fan? (if you happen to remember)
M: I would say that Real Madrid has always been my favorite football squad. However, if I had to pick a specific moment when I knew I would follow them for the rest of my life, it would have to coincide with the Galacticos period. The idea of having Figo, Zidane, Ronaldo, Raul and Roberto Carlos on the same team was something that enticed even the most casual of fans. Although, I would like to note that when we signed Beckham, I was disappointed, because anyone who knows the beautiful game knows it was not to make the team better. That transfer period was a time that Los Blancos should have gone after Ronaldinho, but instead because of his marketability, we bought Beckham.

T: What is your favourite part of Real Madrid football club?
M: Those 9 large trophies with the “big ears” as Mourinho calls them.

T: Which has been your all time favourite Real Madrid player?
M: Well it would be hard to choose one because of the names like Figo, Zidane, Raul and CR7, but if I had to choose, it would have to be Ruud Van Nistelrooy. That guy just had a nose for the goal. He couldn’t stop himself from scoring. It was sad for me when Hamburg would not let him come back last January, but I can’t wait for him to play Real in October with Malaga.

T: A Real Madrid moment you can’t forget?
M: This question was easy. On August 5th, 2010 Real MAdrid played Club America from Mexico in San Francisco, California. My brother and I were in attendence. Los Blancos won the game 3-2 and the deciding goal was scored by CR7 on a free kick. Higuain and Canales scored the other two goals for the Whites, but to get to see CR7 put a trademark free kick in the back of the net was priceless!
Hopefully some day soon I will be able to make the trek to Madrid and get to see a game at the Bernabeu with my brother. That would be the most amazing experience!

T: La Liga or UCL, which one would you love to see us win more?
M: Champions League. There is something about being the champions of Europe that is very alluring. However, I would rather that Real Madrid just win both this year!

T: Which has been your favourite signing for this season?
M: I am hoping that Sahin will turn out to be a great signing. His work in the Bundesliga last year was amazing and there is a lot of buzz around him. I am of the opinion that plugging him in next to Xabi Alonso will form the best holding midfield tandem in Europe. Hopefully he gets healthy soon.
Coentrao was also a good signing, although it was an expensive one. He is above average at 3 different positions and adds a lot of depth to the squad.

Varane with the right mentoring can become a defensive institution for Real Madrid. Amazingly he is only 18 years old and he already is making people take notice. He has a couple solid mentors in Pepe and Carvalho, and in my opinion, could be Real Madrid’s equivalent to Gerard Pique in a few years.

T: If you could, which Madridista would you like to bring back? Could be anybody.
M: Claude Makelele. When he left, the glue that was the Galacticos left. Without his solid presence in the midfield, it did not matter what offensive weapons Real had.

T: A non Real Madrid question but important with current scenario, do you think La Liga is a two team league? A two horse race? A “league of Barcelona, Real Madrid and the others”?
M: Currently, it looks as though the league has a lot of parity. However, at the beginning of last year the table looked a little crazy, as well. I think that when the dust settles in April or May, the winner of La Liga will be which ever team won the season series of Clasicos. And I do believe that Real Madrid is that team. They are deeper and more talented position by position than Barcelona. As long as Madrid can control the midfield and not allow Xavi and Iniesta to play their game, Los Blancos should win.

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