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Today we have a very lovely Madridista in Kay Murray. You can become a fan of her on Facebook or follow her on Twitter . Trust me you should! Now let’s give you reasons as to why you would actually love her!

Tanuj : First up, tell us about you.
Kay : My name is Kay Murray and I work as a Broadcast Journalist for Real Madrid Television’s international service. I was born in Middlesbrough in the north of England, but spent most of my adult years in London before moving to Madrid in 2006 for the opportunity of a lifetime.

T : Since when have you been a Real Madrid fan? (if you happen to remember)
K : I have been a Real Madrid fan since late 2006 after I started working here. I could not help but get attached when it came to Real Madrid and they seemed to get under my skin very quickly. I realised very soon after coming to Spain that Real Madrid mattered to me and a friend of mine explained later, ‘if it matters, you’re a fan’.

I’m also a Middlesbrough fan as they are my hometown club, but as the two teams are not about to clash anytime soon, I think I get away with supporting the two.

T : What is your favourite part of Real Madrid football club?
K : For me, it’s more to do with the team than the club and my favourite part is the ‘never say die’ attitude. Some of the famous comebacks I have experienced in just four and a half seasons with the Whites have been nothing short of incredible….not so much for my poor heart though!

T : Which has been your all time favourite Real Madrid player?
K : Ruud Van Nistelrooy without a doubt. To witness him play every week - especially in the form he was in during his first season with Real Madrid - was a privilege. He was nicknamed “Killer” by the Spanish media and that’s because of how lethal he was in front of goal. As a fan I always had so much trust in him, and that’s because if he had a chance, he rarely missed. Off the pitch, he was brilliant too, in fact when he left I wrote a piece on my blog, Football Barbie, entitled ‘The nicest footballer I ever met,’ I stand by that.

T : A Real Madrid moment you can’t forget?
K : Winning the 31st league title is the one that I always say as it was unexpected and I had to invade the pitch to interview the celebrating players, even though security guards were chasing me! But I also must say that the ‘Juntos Podemos’ (Together We Can) campaign of 2006/2007 season really captured the heart of Madridismo. The fans, the players and the media united and gave everyone a real sense that we were in this together so the victory over Mallorca at the Bernabeu on the final day of the campaign to scoop la liga title number 30 was the perfect ending to an incredibly dramatic end-of-season run.

T : La Liga or UCL, which one would you love to see us win more?
K : I’m not saying I would not be happy with la liga after two years with no major trophies, but there’s no denying that la decima is the one we all want. I’m a football wuss and I cry far too easily when it comes to the beautiful game so if we were to win it, I would definitely do a Gwyneth Paltrow!

T : Which has been your favourite signing for this season? (excluding Mourinho)
K : What, you won’t let me have Mou?! Ha ha! Okay, Angel Di Maria for sure. Nobody was expecting him to be as special as he has been and fair play to Mourinho as the coach was very firm on the fact that he wanted to sign the winger. He works so hard and has no fear which we’ve seen in the games against Auxerre (away) in the Champions League and against Sevilla at the Bernabeu. He is an absolutely quality player and is continuing to impress on a weekly basis. I must also add that Ricardo Carvalho has been quite the signing too, he’s been very solid at the back, displayed brilliant leadership skills on the pitch and has even scored goals…yes, that is plural!

T :Which game did you most enjoy this season?
K : The second leg against AC Milan at San Siro in the group stages. It just had it all. Goals, controversy, excitement, pain, and last minute elation! It’s funny how a late equaliser feels like the best thing in the world when you are losing and the worst thing in the world when you are winning.