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Today we have Farah from Twitter (definitely worth a follow!). A Real Madrid Fan (duh!) and an interesting source to get information from as she keeps tweeting on Los Blancos related updates and news.

Tanuj: First up, tell us about you.
Farah: I’m Farah, a student, from Kuwait. I was born in Florida and visiting family members in the States has helped me cross people from many different cultures and places- I have learned so much on people’s opinion on football, on the fans of a variety of teams and on different sports played around the world.

T: Since when have you been a Real Madrid fan? (if you happen to remember)
F: I was very young, around six or seven years old. It was during lunch with the family, where the men love discussing football, and one of my cousins said something negative about Real Madrid and I just suddenly stood up and defended the club. I was very fond of watching Raul and Zidane around that time.

T: What is your favourite part of Real Madrid football club?
F: I love the attitude of the both the fans and the players. The atmosphere during the matches can be amazing, that “never give up” attitude and the belief that there is always a solution to any problems that we face. If we lose, the players convince us that next time, they’ll play better. The fans don’t only leave it to the players too, they move along with the players and push them, helping them overcome adversity. There’s always a positive feeling coming out of everything. I love the atmosphere during any clasico or derby.

T: Which has been your all time favourite Real Madrid player?
F: Tough one. As I’ve mentioned earlier, I was very fond of Raul and Zidane. They are masters on the field. I am proud to see Zidane helping the team out in a different way now. I think that has helped our players, especially Benzema. Raul is a machine. He is a player with a great attitude both on and off the pitch. Raul is a gentleman. He shall always be in the heart of all Madridistas and hopefully he has a future with the club. He gets along with many and I am proud of what he has achieved so far with Schalke. The way he celebrated with the Schalke fans on the stands was very heartwarming. Zidane’s grace on the pitch is unbelievable, I have not seen another player like him. He’s a legend, an honourable man. The goals he scored were very entertaining and his skills are by far the most developed. Shortly after the two comes Casillas of course!

T: A Real Madrid moment you can’t forget?
F: I cannot forget winning La Liga in the 2006/07 season. It was a very dramatic season and was very nerve-wracking for both the fans and the players without doubt! It wasn’t only the team that played, but the fans played a big role too. The players and the fans created a team that won. Winning the league was the best end to such a year.

T: With CdR in the bag, La Liga or UCL, which one would you love to see us win more?
F: La Decima! I’d love to get the tenth! We have a better chance in the CL. I am not saying we should not bother trying in the Liga, but it is obvious that by now, the team is more focused on the CL which I think is appropriate. It would mean a lot to the team and the fans. Maybe it can even convince the club to keep Mourinho who has helped the players move on and improve mentally, phsyically and psychologically. La Liga would be nice, but again, we have more of a chance in the UCL and we should focus until the season ends.

T: Which has been your favourite signing for this season? (excluding Mourinho)
F: Haha! Hmm. Tough. I’d say Carvalho. He has been very solid and we needed a player like that. Our defense has become more stable with his arrival. Not only has he helped us at the back, but he has scored some goals which is important! He’s a genuine player, one who tries his best, and does not engage in crazy things off the pitch (somewhat reminds me of Raul).

T: Which game did you most enjoy this season?
F: I’d love to say the CdR final obviously, but I am sure all Madridistas enjoyed that match. I also enjoyed our match against Levante in which we won 8-0. It was also right before Christmas, and it made me start my holiday with a huge smile on my face. it was also a match for the CdR and to be honest, this tournament was the most exciting one to watch this season. I love matches in which we score many goals! Hopefully there are many more matches like that one to come!