Bart loves Real Madrid!

We’re now two editions in with the second season of Know Thy Madridista. The first edition featuring Matt Traverso and second one featuring Corey Fiske.

This week I interview Anna Calderon a.k.a Carito, popularly known as RMadrid Girl on Twitter. She’s a must follow guys!

Tanuj: First up, tell us about you.
Anna: I am a 20-year-old university student living in Vancouver, Canada. I’m majoring in Criminology and minoring in Legal Studies to hopefully apply to Law school in the next 2 years. I was born in Peru and moved here 5 years ago. I think my nationality explains my love for the game.

T: Since when have you been a Real Madrid fan? (if you happen to remember)
A: My family is Cule and I grew up in that environment, not by choice. We would watch the games every weekend while having dinner but I did not feel strong about Barcelona. It was back when in 2002, when I decided to rebel and explore different teams. Needless to say Real Madrid gain my heart before the first half of their game was over. That year happens to be the same year Zizou’s amazing goal in Glasgow happened and the year Iker made his first miracles.

T: What is your favourite part of Real Madrid football club?
A: I like the way the world is passionate about Real Madrid. You do not need to be Spanish to scream a goal at the top of your lungs, it’s all one common passion.

T: Which has been your all time favourite Real Madrid player?
A: Zinedine Zidane. No question about it. I remember his last game against Villarreal like it was yesterday, I teared up, a lot because I thought I would never see him play in real life which was my ultimate dream. Out of destiny, two years after I moved to Canada he came to play a friendly here. I broke my piggy bank and bought the best tickets. The game got cancelled and rescheduled and due to how uncoordinated it was, I ended up receiving 8 first row tickets to see him for free. I saw him score 3 goals. When the game was over I out ran security and got to him. Needless to say it is the best day of my life.

T: A Real Madrid moment you can’t forget?
A: Our remontada championship. Starting with Ruud’s amazing goal v Valencia, passing by Higuain’s epic last-minute goal v Espanyol ending in the very last game against Mallorca where we started losing and Ruud and Beckham left injured. It was meant to be.

T: La Liga or UCL, which one would you love to see us win more?
A: UCL. Although I do not want Barca to win their 4th La Liga title in a row, I want Madrid to finishing gaining back that international respect. La Decima is long over due and our players are hungry.

T: Which has been your favourite signing for this season?
A: Unfortunately we haven’t been able to see Sahin yet but I have high hopes. I knew Coentrao was going to be good so he was not as big of a surprise. Varane though has blown our minds in very little time. I hope he succeeds and becomes an icon in Real. I love seeing Callejon back home and I enjoy Altintop’s professionalism but my favorite is Varane.

T: If you could, which Madridista would you like to bring back? Could be anybody.
A: I think Zidane is my obvious answer but Roberto Carlos would be great.

T: A non Real Madrid question but important with current scenario, do you think La Liga is a two team league? A two horse race? A “league of Barcelona, Real Madrid and the others”?
A: Not at all. I think Levante has been a pleasant surprise this year. I mean, when we were the most confident they brought us back to earth and they are pretty high up in the table right now. Malaga and Betis are doing great as well. Valencia is no surprise. Now the question is if they will be able to finish La Liga the way they started it. We know our team has a pretty big bench with quality players and so does Barca, but do the rest?

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